more a movement than a coworking space

Our Story

We fell in love and decided to move in together. Finding an apartment in the big city is not easy. So we tweaked the search and ended up in amazing Thailand.

Four month of planning and we quit our jobs and moved in together. We picked a bungalow right on the beach in paradise called Ko Phangan. It took an other four month to find a fulfilling remote job.

// This is the story of why we live &work
where others vacation

Join our amazing community and get help weather it's finding a remote job, getting unstuck or becoming clear on future plans.

See you soon ♡
Lil & Ian 🦆

How We Work

We are the CoWorkation generation.

We love to do great work in amazing surroundings. Where kind people come together and share experiences. That's why we chose Ko Phangan island in Thailand. A dream workation destination for us & soon for you

CoWorkation is an extraordinary coworking!
Owned by locals
Cost is just:
$99/month for men -16% for women -84% for localswhile profit goes to improve facility

We're always actively looking to connect

Is this something you're looking for?
Tell us when you're planning to come. We'd love to have you!

Thank You

We're all around the world,
so we'll be in touch in max 24 hours